Bukhara tours Bukhara is nicknamed the “town museum” for having over 140 architectural monuments. Not only that, but the ancient city is home to more than 350 mosques and 100 religious colleges. Bukhara is situated on a sacred hill, and was once a trading center on the Great Silk Road. Now Bukhara stands as a quaint, and historic city, dating back to over 2500 years. Archaeologists discovered artifacts such as jewels, tools, pottery and coins which have helped reveal the cultural rise of the ancient city. Bukhara is one of the oldest cities in the world; many of the monuments were built in the Middle Ages. Come and enjoy the beautiful city, as well as the sorrounding oasis, which ensures that Bukhara is filled with fruit trees, green vegetation, and clean water.

Bukhara: History and Monumets

Bukhara has long been the center of trade, commerce, culture, education, and religion. The city was a main center for the Persian Civilization in the 6th century BC. Arabs conquered Bukhara after the Battle of Talas, in 751 AD. Ever since the Islamic invasion, and subsequent take over of the city, Islam became the dominant religion. In 1925, the Bukharan People’s Soviet Republic combined with the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. Since then, it has been one of the most important centers of Uzbekistan.
Samanids Mausoleum
Miri-Arab Madrassah
Magoki-Attori Mosque
Lyabi-Hauz Ensemble
The Kalyan Minaret Ark-Citadel,

Travel to Bukhara

If you’re a lover of legends, and ancient history, tour Bukhara for sure! The city has a vast and vivid history of panoramic beauty, some hasty decisions, and certain brutal executions. Genghis Khan, a scavenger was so struck and awed by the city beauty and majesty that he attempted to destroy most of the city. You should also visit the local minaret here, called the ‘tower of death’ while touring Bukhara. The governments and locals are trying hard to preserve the 2,500 year old legacy and face of the place and its ancient and exotic culture.