Samarkand tours Samarkand, is the second largest city in Uzbekistan, and is known for its central position in the Silk Road. The ancient city of Samarkand is over 2000 years old, and is considered the “Gem of the East” because of its breathtaking beauty, architecture, as well as its warm natural climate, and abundance of natural springs. Allegedly even Alexander the Great was impressed with the sheer beauty of the city. Samarkand is also known as a city that attracted scholars, as many great thinkers and scientists came to the famous region to study. Scientists, astronomers, and mathematicians flocked to the breathtaking region. The archaic city is a cultural and historical mecca, filled with beautiful mosques, monuments and museums.

Samarkand: History and Monumets

Samarkand was founded circa 700 BC by the Persians, and became one of the main centres of Persian civilization. During the 8th century, Samarkand came under Arab control and the city continued to grow and prosper under the control of the Turks, Arabs, and Persians. Marco Polo referred to Samarkand as a “very large and splendid city,” when he journeyed the Silk Road. Like Tashkent, The city came under Russian rule in 1868, and was briefly the capital of Uzbek SSR, before being replaced by Tashkent.
The Registan
Bibi Khanym Mosque
Gur-e Amir
Tomb of the Prophet Daniel
Observatory of Ulugh Beg

Visit Samarkand

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