Shakhrisabz, is a city located in a small valley, approximately 160 km from Samarkand. It is the birthplace of the Turco-mongol conqueror Timur. The name Shakhrisabz means “green city” in Persian, and the lush green atmosphere, as well as its proximity to the Pamir Mountains, ensures that it is indeed a green city. The city is home to the remains of the Ak-Saray Palace, which was destroyed in the XVII century. Additionally, The Dor-us-Saodat Burial Complex includes a mausoleum where two of Timur’s sons are buried. Tamerlane built many of the city’s attractions, and it’s a great city to see to get some historical insight into the conqueror Timur. Also, be sure not to miss the most beautiful part of Shakhrisabz, the Kok Gumbaz mosque, and the Dorut Tilovat.  

Shakhrisabz: History and Monumets

Shahrisabz was once a major city in Central Asia; Alexander the Great met his wife there, but now its primarily known as the birthplace of 14th century conqueror of Western, Southern, and Central Asia, Tamerlane. The city was destroyed by the Emir of Bukhara in the 16th century, and was under Bukharan rule after the invasion. It struggled for autonomy, but was once again conquered, by the Russians, in 1870.
Ak-Saray Palace
Dorussaodat mausoleum
Hazrat-i Imam Complex
Tomb of Timur