Tashkent tours Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, has managed to preserve relics and monuments from its days as an ancient city, all the while integrating it with modern landmarks, such as the Chorsu Tourist Complex. A unique blend of ancient history and new technology, Tashkent is the perfect place for tourists who are looking to unravel the mysteries of the far east. Today, Tashkent continues to be a major transportation link between Europe and the far east; many international meetings are held here. Although the revolution of 1917, and the earthquake of 1966 proved to be devastating to the infrastructure of Tashkent, the city has since been revived and is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia.

Tashkent: History and Monumets

In early Islamic times, the city of Tashkent was referred to as Chach. However, in the 16th century, the name changed to Tashkent, or “stone city”. The ancient city was in the path of the Great Silk Road, the path between Europe and China. In 1865, the city was conquered by the Russian army, and soon after, became the capital of Russian Turkistan. The Russian Revolution impacted the city greatly, and Tashkent became the Uzbek capital, a republic of the Soviet Union. Although Uzbekistan became an independent nation after the fall of the Soviet Union, Tashkent still remains its capital.
  • Juma Mosque
  • Kukeldash Madrassah
  • Chorsu Market
  • Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan
  • Tashkent TV Tower
  • Prince Romanov Residence
  • Monument of Courage
  • Independence Square
  • Friendship of Peoples
  • Visit Tashkent

    The city now hosts not only most popular monuments of antiquity, but it also has many popular Tashkent hotels. Thus, if history is your calling, we urge you to tour Tashkent at least once. Tashkent hotels provide the comfort and feeling of modern day luxury, pairing it with the beauty and magnanimity that the city has experienced in the past. These monuments mentioned above, have played a significant role in painting the world’s history. So, tour Tashkent to view the following monuments and places that will unravel the far east for you!