All our tours are highly flexible and can be customized as per the specific requirements of our customers. Whether you are traveling with a group or alone, you can bank upon us to arrange for you the Perfect Vacation. Our US based company will ensure that you will get the best value tour for your money, no worries convenient payment options and hassle free cancellation policy.

Tours Across Baltic States

We provide following tours to our valued customers.  Please contact us for following tours if interested.

Baltic States Highlights¹.
City Tour of Vilnius
Hills of Crosses
Rundale Palace
City Tour of Riga
Resort of Parnu
City Tour of Tallinn

Old Tallinn tour¹.
Great sea gate.
Central Square.
Saia Passage.
Kuninga Street.
Pikk Jalg Street.
Kohtu Street.
Kiriku Square.
Governor’s Garden.

¹Tour's info:All our tours are higly customized to your taste. We can include or exclude additional excursions or performances on your request. We can also mix and match and adjust the excursions to your schedule. Please contact us for more details. The prices mentioned above are per person and valid for groups with 2 paying persons and more. Airfare or other transportation to the trip starting point, and from the trip ending point is not included. All prices are subject to change without notice. There are a variety of discounts for group trips. All types of groups are welcome! Contact us for more details.