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14 Days Uzbekistan Tour.¹

Duration: 14 days / 13 nights.

Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 1.
Flight to Tashkent by …….
Arrival Meeting at the airport of Tashkent. Transfer to hotel, check in and rest after the flight.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 2.
Tashkent-Urgench (Khiva).
Early Breakfast at hotel.
Transfer to airport for flight to Urgench.
Accommodation at hotel.
Full day city tour of Khiva:Visit to the oldest part of the city - Kunya-Ark fortress, including Kurinish Khana (17c); Mohammed-Amin-Khan(19c) Madrassah, Islam Khodja Minaret; Palvan-Kari complex, Abd Al Bobo complex(18c), Rafanek Madrassah, Mohammed Rakim Khan (19 c), Amir-Tur Madrassah, Sho-I-Kalandar Bobo Mausoleum.
Lunch at national house. Getting aquanted with uzbek family and tasting Uzbek dishes.
Continuing city tour:Mazary Sharif Madrassah, Kheivak well (10c), Uch Avlioli («three saints») Mausoleum, Jami Mosque(18c), Kutluq-Murad Inaq (19c) Madrassah, Pakhlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum.
Free time at leisure.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 3.
Khiva – Bukhara.
Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Bukhara.
Photo stop near the biggest river in Central Asia Amudarya (Oxus).
Lunch in one of Oasis in the middle of Karakum desert.
Arriving to Bukhara.
Accommodation at Hotel.
Free time at leisure.
Dinner at Lyabi Hauz-a cozy pond in the center of the ancient part where people come together for having a drink and dinner. One of places where you can see the real Uzbek life.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 4.
Breakfast at hotel.
Full day of city tour: Visit to Ismael Samani mausoleum (9-10c)-vault of Bukhara rulers' dynasty, Chor-Minor, Chashma-Ayub Mausoleums (14 c), Bukhara local bazaar. Jewish synagogue. Poli-Kalon ensemble including Minaret (12c) , Mosque (15c), functioning Madrassah Miri-Arab (16 c), Amir- Alim-Khan Madrassah (14c), Taqi (trading domes), Kukeldash Madrassah (16c).
Lunch at local restaurant.
Continuing city tour: Lyab-i-Hauz (17c), Nadir Divanbegi (17c), Magoki Attari (16c), Ulug Beg (15c), Abdul Aziz (17c) Madrassahs;
Visit to Registan Ensemble, Ark Fortress (16c) and Bolo-Hauz complex (18 c);
Free time at leisure.
Dinner with national Folklor show and show of national clothes at Nodir Devonbegi madrassah.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 5.
Breakfast at hotel.
Transfer to Samarkand.
On the road visit last Emir’s Summer Palace.
Photo stops at cotton fields, cotton factory and ancient Karavan sarai (motel for traders) Rabat Malik, along of the famous Silk Road.
Arriving Samarkand.
Lunch at famous Samarkand kebab restaurant.
Accommodation at hotel.
Free time at leisure.
Getting around at Gorkiy park or boulevard in down town.
Dinner at restaurant of European cuisine.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 6.
Breakfast at hotel.
Full day sightseeing tour of Samarkand: Guri Emir- Legendary mausoleum where Amir Temur and all his family buried. Registan square- World famous complex of 3 Madrasahs and golden dome mosque. Mosque Bibi Khanum – The biggest Mosque ever built in Central Asia as gift from wife of Temerlame to her husband. Siyab local bazzar-unique place where you can get acquainted with the life of Samarkand people. Shahi - Zinda necropolises, a holy place and cemetery with graves of Temured’s dynasty and a grave of cousin of Prophet Muhamed. Observatory of Ulugbek – incredible construction of 15 century for studying astronomy.
Lunch at local restaurant.
Free time at Registan square and Local bazzar.
NIGHT LIFE: Light show in Registan square, night view of Tamerlanes mausoleum etc.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 7.
Samarkand –Termez.
Breakfast at hotel.
Depart to Termez.
Small picnic on mountain road to enjoy panorama of the region.
Arriving to Termez.
Lunch at local restaurant.
Accommodation at hotel.
Free time at leisure.
NIGHT LIFE of Termez.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 8.
Breakfast at hotel.
Modern Termez Tour: Termez archelogical museum.
Buddhist Termez: Monastery complex Kara Tepe,Fayz Tepe Buddhist Temple and monastery.
Lunch at local restaurant.
Medieval Termez: Al Khakim at Termeziy complex.
Dinner at local restuarant
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 9.
Early Breakfast at hotel.
Depart to Shahrisabz.
City tour: Ak-Palace of Amir Temur, Kuk Gumbaz Mosque, Local Bazar, Mousaleum of Jahangir, empty mausoleum of Amir Temur.
Lunch at national house, getting acquainted with Uzbek families.
Transfer to Samarkand.
Accommodation at hotel.
Free time in Samarkand.
Dinner at restaurant.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 10.
Early breakfast at hotel.
Transfer to Tashkent.
Small picnic to enjoy the view of mountain pass around legendary gate of Tamerlanes state.
Photo stops near second Largest river of Central Asia Sirdarya, local fish market and famous market where the best melons are sold in the whole region. Quick shopping of water melons and melons (depending on season).
Arriving Tashent.
Lunch at local restaurant. Tasting different cuisine of Central Asian nations.
Accommodation at hotel.
Quick City tour: New Part of the city; Independence square , Alisher Navoi monument, Alisher Navoi theatre, Tashkent subway, Amir Temur square etc.
Dinner with farewell show at national guest house.
NIGHT LIFE: Going around city visiting modern bars and, night clubs and getting to know how local youth spend their leisure time.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 11.
Tashkent-Chimgan- Chorvak-Beldersay(resort).
Breakfast at hotel.
Depart at Chorvak.
Arriving to Chorvak.
Accomodation at "Chorvak Oromgohi" hotel.
Swimming in the Lake Chorvak.
Lunch at hotel.
Observing Natural resources of the spot.
Free time.
Night bars and party near beach.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 12.
Breakfast at hotel.
Dapart to Chimgan.
Observing mountains. Horse riding, cable car drive 45 minutes each way to get best view.
Lunch at Beldersay hotel outside restaurant with nice panorama.
Depart to Ferghana valley.
Arrival at Ferghana city.
Dinner at TANTANA restaurant with great show!
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 13.
Early Breakfast at hotel.
City tour of Ferghana.
Visiting museum of History of Ferghana. Modern part of the town, Local bazaar.
Lunch at local restaurant.
Depart to Margilan.
Visiting silk factory, Friday mosque, local bazaar etc.
Depart to Tashkent 370 km.
On the road stop in Rishtan to see the ceramic working shope of Rishtanmasters. Stop at Kokand city at Hudayarhan Palace.
Arriving Tashkent.
Accomodation at hotel.
Farewell Dinner at local restaurant.
Classical Tour To Uzbekistan Day 14.
Early breakfast, at hotel.
Transfer to Airport for departure HY…
End of service.
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Classical Tour To Uzbekistan
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