Image Picture this. Wake up in a hotel room overlooking the beautiful city of Tashkent, or Samarkand. Walk over to a nearby restaurant or bar and enjoy the fine selection of appetizing ethnic food. Choose whatever you desire. Savor the mutton in plov, or choose the filling manti dish to get your lamb fix. Then, after a satisfying meal, you can partake in a wide range of sightseeing excursions. If you enjoy living an active lifestyle, head over to the national reserves near Tashkent. Drive down to Ugam-Chatkal National Park, go trekking, and see over 44 species of animals, including bears, wolves, and foxes. Go rafting in Syr-Darya Rivers, or camel trekking in Ayaz-Quala. Take a tour in the mountainous regions in Chimgan peak, and go mouintain climbing, horseback riding, or hang gliding. If you are a lover of architecture and art, do not worry, Uzbekistan has plenty to offer. From dome shaped mosques to palaces, from frescoes to mosaics, Uzbekistan’s architecture is breathtaking. There are plenty of sites, and well-preserved relics in Uzbekistan to visit, and learn about. The mausoleums and mosques in Tashkent and Samarkand are symbols of oriental beauty, embedded in rich cultural history. Uzbekistan is country unlike any European or Asian nation. It is a gem in its own right: a fascinating and unforgettable place for any kind of tourist.

Travel to Uzbekistan

One must tour Uzbekistan to enjoy the wide spread of culture and music in the country. The place offers warm people, easy transport, nice hospitality, opportunities for sightseeing, therefore one really promising holidaying destination. Travel Uzbekistan for witnessing a wide mix of various ethnic groups & cultures. The transportation facility of the place is highly developed and advanced. It is interesting to know that Uzbekistan is by far the only country in central Asia with a clean and methodical subway system.